Job openings

To fit into our team, you need to have an open-minded view of the world and a genuine interest in our products. Working in a small organisation means that you will have to carry out a wide range of tasks – often beyond your immediate area of work – and our employees are flexible and pro-active in picking up work as needed. The Pepin Press values dedicated, self-motivated and resourceful employees and people with these qualities can gradually become involved in more aspects of our business. 

In our bright and airy office in Amsterdam (in the pleasant neighbourhood Oud-West) we currently work with only 4 people; from here we coordinate all our activities. Worldwide we work with a pool of about thirty freelancers, both creative (drawing, design, photography, copy writing, etc) and commercial (sales, marketing). The logistic part of our operations (shipping, warehousing) has been outsourced to specialised companies in the U.S.A., the U.K., Germany and The Netherlands.

The Pepin Press has customers all over the world, including book and gift stores, as well as some of the world’s greatest museums’ stores. Our sales are equally divided between physical stores and online channels, and we are constantly looking for new markets and accounts. We communicate actively with our customers by phone and email, visit major accounts and exhibit at several trade fairs in Europe and the U.S.A.

We have 3 vacancies:


1. French Sales Support (20–32 hrs)

You will liaise with our existing customers in France – as well as in other countries – and actively seek new customers. Building and maintaining good relationships is key to the job. This will involve communicating by phone, by email, and in person during trade fairs and possibly store visits. There is an administrative element to the role as you will oversee the whole process from first contact, through order taking to order processing and supervising shipments and inventory management. The ability to speak and write French fluently and English to a good standard is essential for this job.

2. General Sales Support and Admin (20–32 hrs)

The responsibilities of this job are general sales support, order processing, database and inventory management and several other administrative tasks. We are specifically looking for a Dutch-speaker and the ability to speak German would be a big bonus.

General requirements for the above two positions:

  • An inspired commercial attitude;
  • Understanding our product range and the markets in which we operate;
  • In addition to the language skills specified above, all our employees speak English;
  • Organisational skills and independent working habits;
  • Some years work experience (preferably in B2B sales), of which at least 2 years with one employer;
  • Living in or near Amsterdam;
  • A current driving licence is very welcome.

Some times of the year are busier than others, the weeks during, immediately before and after trade fairs tend to be hectic. Our sales staff must be able to operate efficiently during such times and have the flexibility to travel.

3. Design and Production Assistant or Assistant Manager (20–32 hrs)

The Pepin Press has inherited a creative approach from its background as a publishing company specialised in art and cultural history. Editorial coherence and visual appeal form the basis for our product development, whereby we try to mix accessible themes with unusual and overlooked subjects. We have a global mindset and are, for example, just as interested in non-Western visual cultures as in 20th-century European design. We are looking for an experienced creative assistant or assistant manager to help with product development and design.

If you feel an affinity with what we do and are interested in working with us, please send a resumé and/or portfolio that shows a creative style that shows some rapport with ours. Feel free to contact us by  email </strong > to discuss this job, but make sure that you include some information about who you are and what you do.

If you are interested:
If you feel that a job at The Pepin Press is suitable for you and you are sure you meet the general requirements, please send a short application letter in English stating your background and motivation, and include a full CV detailing your education and work experience by  email.  If you have questions before applying, you can write to: job_enquiry (please include some background information about yourself and/or include a link to an online profile). We will respond to serious, relevant questions by email or call you back. We cannot answer initial enquiries regarding employment by phone.

Working hours (stated above for all jobs as 20 to 32 hrs per week) will be determined based on experience, the range of activities you will be able to contribute to and your personal situation. This will be discussed as and when both parties feel there is a possible match.
We will start evaluating applications for the above 3 jobs in the first week of November 2021. There is no specific deadline for application, rather we plan to keep vacancies open until we have found matches.

Contracts and Salaries
We offer salaries commensurate with education and experience. For a guideline, the following link can be consulted: intermediair-salariskompas (apply branche: overig handel = business direction: general trade, and take the average between men and women). Pepin Press’ employees start on temporary contracts as permitted by Dutch law.