Image rights


The images from our range of Agile Rabbit Editions can be used as a graphic resource and for inspiration. Single images may be used free of charge for non-professional applications, such as creating your personal stationery or decorating T-shirts. For any type of commercial or otherwise professional application – including all types of printed and digital publications – you need prior permission from The Pepin Press. This is in order for us to maintain records of by whom and for what purpose the images have been used.

If you own several of our books, you might find some differences in the copyright policies stated in the various introductions. There are several reasons for this. We have been publishing Agile Rabbit Editions for decades, and the wording of our policy has changed slightly over the years. But, more importantly, the sources from which we obtain our images are different, and the limitations on the use of the images differ accordingly. For example, many of our titles contain original artwork. Please always adhere to the guidelines stated in the introduction of the book you plan to use, and consult us in case of uncertainty.

If you want to use the images in a professional environment, permission is needed. However, our Agile Rabbit books are meant to be used, so we make a point of being as reasonable as possible, and in many cases where permission is requested, we do not charge a fee at all. We review each case individually, however, taking into account factors such as the nature of the image and the intended use. This means we are unable to give advance estimates or to publish price lists. We are happy, though, to make you an offer based on your personal circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Finally, image usage requests are a means of communicating with our clients and therefore help us to stay in touch and to improve our publishing.

How to apply for permission

To apply for permission to use our images, please provide us with the information requested below.

Contact details

Contact Name
Company Name
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
VAT Number (for EU companies only)

Image details

Please specify the title(s) from which you want to use images and the number of images with image codes.

Project details

What kind of business are you in?
Please describe your project/product.
What quantity or printrun do you plan to produce?
For what territory?
For what term do you want to obtain usage rights?

Feel free to add any additional information you think relevant.

Please send the requested information by email to: