In our office in Amsterdam (neighbourhood Oud-West) we currently work with 5 people; from here we coordinate all our activities. Worldwide we work with a pool of about thirty freelancers, both creative (Photoshop and Illustrator work, drawing, design, photography, copy writing, etc) and commercial (sales, marketing).

To fit in our team, you need to have a genuine interest in our products and an open-minded view of the world. Our employees are expected to be responsible, self-motivated and creative in the performance of their jobs. Working in a small team means that you will have to execute a wide range of tasks – sometimes beyond your immediate area of work – and our employees are flexible and pro-active in picking up work as needed.

Currently we have the the following vacancy:

No Vacancy (00 hrs)

The Pepin Press has customers all over the world: book, stationery and gift stores, department stores, museum stores and many more. About half our sales are through traditional channels (i.e. physical stores) and half through online channels (including the major international retailers and shopping clubs). Furthermore, we are permanently looking for new markets and accounts. To reach our customers we communicate actively by phone and email, and we exhibit at several trade fairs in Europe and the U.S.A.


In addition to the above description (in bold), the ideal candidate has the following qualities:

We cannot answer questions regarding employment by phone. If you have a question, please write an email to: job_enquiry. We will respond to relevant enquiries by email or call you back.

Contracts and Salaries
Pepin Press’ permanent employees start on temporary contracts as permitted by Dutch law. We offer salaries commensurate with education and experience. For a guideline, the following link can be consulted: intermediair-salariskompas (apply branche: overig handel = business direction: general trade, and take the average between men and women).

If you wish to apply
Whether it is for permanent employment of freelance work, please read the job description and requirements carefully and take a look at our presence on the web. If you feel that a job at The Pepin Press is suitable for you and you are sure you meet the requirements, please send a brief letter in English stating your background and motivation, and include a CV by  email

Freelance Work
Our freelancers generally work from home or their own office. However, we have facilities for some freelancers who work in our office from time to time.

We do have the following FREELANCE opening(s):


For specific territories and markets in Europe and the U.S.

For several territories we are looking for sales representatives. Our target markets are among others:

  • bookshops
  • stationery shops
  • design & gift shops
  • concept stores
  • department stores
  • art supply stores