If you are interested in working at The Pepin Press, please read this page carefully before applying.

We offer a pleasant and informal working environment in a nice part of Amsterdam.

It is our aim to design and produce world-class products and to maintain an efficient international sales and distribution system. Currently our team consists of five employees based in our Amsterdam office and about thirty freelancers who live and work all over the world. To complement this team, we are looking for friendly people with a genuine interest in our products and an open-minded view of the world. We value employees who are responsible, self-motivated and creative in the performance of their jobs. Working in a small team means that you will have to execute a wide range of tasks – sometimes beyond your immediate area of work – and our employees are flexible and pro-active in picking up work as needed.


Vacancy 1
Sales Support Assistant (24-32 hrs)

The Pepin Press has customers and suppliers all over the world and keeps stocks in Europe, Asia and the U.S. To help us manage orders, incoming and outgoing shipments and our participation in international trade fairs, we are looking for someone to be at the centre of these processes.


  • Order management and invoicing;
  • Logistic and stock management. This includes communication with customers, shippers and warehouses worldwide;
  • Liaison with our sales people and representatives.


  • Confident and friendly communicator. Fluent in English and at least proficient in Dutch (other language skills are very welcome);
  • Experience with administrative/ERP software (such as Exact, Afas, QuickBooks, etc.);
  • Good understanding of order and logistic processes;
  • Living in or near Amsterdam.



New employees start on temporary contracts as permitted by Dutch law. We will offer salaries compatible with education and experience of the selected candidate. For a guideline, the following link can be consulted: intermediair-salariskompas


Due to our heavy workload, we prefer not to receive questions by phone. If you have a question about jobs at The Pepin Press, please write a short email to: Nataša Ivković
Viable enquiries will be answered by email or by phone.


If you feel that a job at The Pepin Press is suitable for you and you meet the requirements, please send a brief letter in English stating your background and motivation, and include a CV. Applications can be directed to: Nataša Ivković


Freelance work

If you wish to be added to our database of creative freelancers (digital artists, photographers, translators, etc.) or if you are interested in working for us as a freelance sales representative, please send some basic information about your work and career to Pepin van Roojen, if relevant with a weblink or include a modestly sized portfolio in PDF format.