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Vincent van Gogh

Art Portfolios

PEPIN Press Art Portfolios contain 8 high-quality art reproductions printed on 200 gsm watercolour paper or satin coated art paper. These papers are non-ageing, manufactured from chlorine-free pulp by FSC and PEFC certified mills.

  • ISBN 9789460092077
  • Dimensions Sheet size 300 x 420 mm (12” x 16½”) - Portfolio 323 x 450 mm (12½” x 17¾”)
  • Description 8 Art reproductions on 200 gsm paper
  • Language(s) English, German, French, Spanish
  • Price € 29.95 | $ 39.99

The prints are enclosed in hardback portfolio covers made of premium paperboard with inner end papers along with flaps for further protection. The portfolios have a high-quality cloth spine (made of rayon, a plant-based fiber) and a cotton ribbon closure.

All images reproduced come from our own archives, except for the van Gogh and Monet volumes. In our selections we have sought to combine complimentary images, striking a balance between the familiar and those lesser known. Alongside traditionally famous images many uncommon but delightful drawings and prints can also be found.



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