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Art Déco

Letter Writing Sets

PEPIN Letter Writing Sets come in carefully designed luxury boxes. Each box contains 10 sheets of 4 different designs, 40 matching envelopes and 50 assorted stickers and labels.

  • ISBN 8718745000033
  • Dimensions 230 x 170 x 55 mm (c. 9” x 6¾” x 2¼”)
  • Description 40 sheets (A5), 40 envelopes, 50 stickers and labels
  • Language(s) English, German, French, Spanish
  • Price € 19.95 | $ 29.99

Art Déco was the major decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s. It drew inspiration from many sources, such as Cubist and Futurist art, but also the arts of Asia, Africa, the Arab World and Latin America provided endless sources of form and pattern.

The Letter Writing Set Art Déco box contains 10 sheets of 4 different designs (printed on one side), so 40 sheets in all of A5 writing paper (150x210mm/6”x8¼”). Included are 40 matching envelopes (20 x 2 designs) and 50 assorted stickers and labels. Sheets, envelopes and stickers can be used in combination or independently.